CBD 101

Mondays. Education continued into early afternoon.

I get asked often..

  • Is this legal
  • Will it get me high
  • Will I feel drowsy
  • Is it OK to take around kids
  • Will it effect my medication
  • Will I fail a drugs test
  • Can I drive on this stuff 
  • My friend said its dangerous
  • If its so amazing why don’t doctors use it
  • What will it do to me
  • What even is CBD
  • I seen a poster in town u have no clue what it even means but the lady from. Nunber 42 swears by CBD.

…..And around 100 other very valid questions and concerns. I fully understand each and every question and as people we all have the right to ask the unknown it’s what makes my job so interesting.

Below is a link to a great explanation video, CBD 101.

This guy has done a great job, I feel many of us can take some benefit from watching it’s well worth 15 minutes 37 seconds of our lives.

CBD by Better Days
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