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Key Lime Flavour CBD Vape 0% Nicotine

Vape people! As many of you will remember we started testing the water with vapes and did a give away a few months ago in this trail my thought process was get vapes sent out no flavour or taste just CBD vape mix as i don not vape this seemed reasonable to me as a field experiment.As for me it was all about the CBD delivery and how this was received and flavour would come in time. I have since listened to feedback and taken it on board bought myself a vape and spent 4 weeks playing with this Ratios vs taste smoothness ideal operating temperature etc, my conclusion is below based on my experience being new to vaping.

I did a personal experiment to see how CBD is delivered using vape only and no other CBD source. I fasted from CBD for 48 hours to give it a fair chance. I took no CBD other than vape for the whole day so I found that on the morning I was using the vape frequently trying to chase my CBD level and then, without releasing until I thought about it the next day, my usage tapered off to maybe 1 or 3 puffs every hour.

In conclusion I felt levelled all day, clear headed and like I had the required amount of CBD to satisfy myself.

I have to be honest this was an eye opener for me as I never thought vaping CBD would deliver it in this manner. I always thought it could be used as a booster and would give a little uplift not an actual days dosage.

Field tests and personal tests are essential in product development. We are about 3 months in playing with this product. We wont release any product until we are personally satisfied and we have taken your feedback taken into account also. We now feel we are ready to deliver it to you!

Vape settings


coil 4.0

volt 2.62
puff 2 3 2 

Vape used Geek Squad Aegis Legend Zeus 200w 

Vape flavours first 3 to be released by CBD by better days

Bubble Gum
Key lime pie and cookie
Tutti fruity 

I am awaiting some stickers before I full release this product but if anyone would like to try before the stickers arrive I will send you a digital picture of the label.

Vape price list and CBD

All available in all 3 flavours 

900mg 30ml bottle £19.99 (3% CBD)

1800mg 60ml bottle £38.99 (3% CBD)

3600mg 120ml bottle £59.99 (3% CBD)

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