CBD Oil 1000mg 30mg/ml 30ml

CBD Distillate dropper bottle.

30ml/1000mg broad Spectrum Oil



Serving size 1-2 pipettes per day 1ml per pipette

Each 30ml bottle contains 1000mg 1% of our pure broad Spectrum CBD Oil broad spectrum CBD oil contains more cannabinoids and offers a greater range of benefits than simple CBD isolate.

Ingredients: Cannabidiol Distillate (CBD), Coconut Oil (MCT).


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CBD Distillate dropper bottle.

30ml/1000mg broad Spectrum Oil

1000mg 30mg/ml


Directions and uses

I use this as a quick hit daily booster as its fast acting quick absorption CBD hit to the MCT oil it takes effect quickly inside the body and can be absorbed giving the much needed CBD instant hit.

I find this most effective for people with hectic lifestyles or people with high pain management  issues where regular medication is no longer effective.

Serving size 1-2 pipettes per day 1ml per pipette.

My recommended usage is based on personal experience and customer feedback (this is not medical advice)

I use my CBD oil differently to many other providers I use it on a 1ml  30mg per dosage this allows a more precise amount of CBD intake and  advice can be given according.

I firstly advise starting a 30mg per day dosage for the first 3 days you may split the 1ml over the day to get your body used  to using CBD and for your body to take it onboard your Endocannabinoid system will tell us the rest in due time.

I will work with on a 1 to 1 basis to manage your needs such as pain management and to use one example.

“To manage pain we need to use a multiple dose of CBD at various times of the day to find your baseline dosage which is very dependent on the individual. I have no two people the same but the trends with the similar conditions are very similar.

One thing I have learnt most about CBD is the aftercare that is required 3 out of 10 times selling a product alone the dosage only works for 7out of 10 people and this is where we differer from the rest.

We work 1 to 1 to help solve your personal requirements from CBD.

One Love Together We Heal


Additional information

Weight 300 g

14 Day Trial (x10ml), Month Supply (x30ml)

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