CBD Dog Capsules 10mg CBD 99.9% CBG x30 (0% THC)

Contents and usage instructions.

30 x 10mg CBD/`CBG vegetarian coconut oil based capsules.

1 x capsule per day per Dog


Dog must be over 2 years old to take CBD





6 in stock (can be backordered)

6 in stock (can be backordered)


INGREDIENTS:  10mg  99.9% CBD/CBG coconut oil.


Capsule Ingredients:

HPMC (Hydroxypropyl  ,Methylcellulose) ,


Purified Water. vegetarian capsules give you completely natural, plant-derived green coloured veggie capsules with absolutely no dyes. The capsules get their green colouring from the chlorophyll. An excellent choice for those who are targeting consumers that are concerned about dye consumption. Like all of Capsuline vegetarian capsules, these coloured veggie capsules are ideal for encapsulating all dry ingredients, including powders, granulates, vitamins, herbs and pharmaceuticals.

It is very interesting to know that CBD capsules and oils are used for animals to calm them down and stimulate them after surgery to distract them from their pain. Though the weed content is very low, according to animals, it is very effective. It lets your chosen and beloved best friend sleep in peace without any pain or disruption, letting them at ease. Our stores have a complete range of CBD products and, you can get CBD dog capsules 10mg online UK, too, without any hassle. Order CBD for animals online for sale from our website now.

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