Grandaddy purple Mango Crush Terpene Infused CBD

Terpene infused PURE CBD & CBG Crumble, retail quality

Don’t miss out, get your hands on this fantastic CBD & CBG Crumble!

In its original state it’s a staggering 99.9% pure before being infused with 5% terpenes.

This makes it a premium crumble that’s got a purity of 90% CBD 5% CBG,5% Terpenes

order yours today!

As a crumble, it has a range of uses depending on your needs; dab it, add it to e-liquids, vape direct,smoke it.




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<strong style=font size 16px> Grandaddy purple Mango Crush<strong>

95% CBD
5% CBG
5% Terpenes
CO2 extraction
No heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides

Lab tested and certified

The concentration of CBD & CBG in this crumbles has been certified by a third party after being tested in a lab to be over 99.9% pure, prior to the organic terpenes being added.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g

CBD by Better Days
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