Super Deluxe Day and Night CBD Capsules Multi-Buy

Total Package Contents ( Vegetarian / Vegan)

60 x capsules.

Cold & Flu Fighter CBD Capsule 30mg/ml x 30

Nighttime 30mg CBD/CBG x 30.

CBD 96%  (See 3rd Party lab certifications here)

 After doing field tests using multiple doses of CBD on a range of different peoples requirements I found that the 30mg is the perfect amount to help clear the mind enough to drift off but not too much to over stimulate to keep you awake.




3 in stock

3 in stock


Cold & Flu Fighter CBD Capsule 30mg/ml

1 x capsule Daily in the morning 1 hour after food or any other medications.

Our latest product to kick start your journey into CBD!

I have carefully paired, tried and tested combinations of cold and wellbeing natural products to create our flu fighter with tremendous results from all age groups, shapes, sizes & reasons.

I recommended using this product paired with my Deluxe super sleep easy 30mg as a higher daily dosage to deliver 60mg of CBD over 24 hours.

(See 3rd Party lab certifications here)

Capsule Ingredients (Vegetarian / Vegan )

Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, Purified water & chlorophyllin E141.

Additional information

Weight 200 g
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