Super Deluxe Day/Night CBD/CBG 30mg per Capsule x30 (0% THC)


Total  Contents

30mg CBD/CBG x 30

CBD 96%  (See 3rd Party lab certifications here)

Total capsule contents 30mg CBD/CBG/MCT Oil

1 x capsule Daily in the morning 1 hour after food or after taking  other medications.


I would recommend using this product (30mg) paired with my daytime 30mg capsule as a baseline dosage to deliver 60mg of CBD over 24 hours.


After doing field tests using multiple doses of CBD on a range of different peoples requirements I found  that the 10mg is the perfect amount to help clear the mind enough to drift off but not too much to over stimulate to keep you awake.






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Our Latest product to take your CBD journey to the next level..


The multi purpose Day / Night

Field tests over the last 6 months ( All on social media platforms )

conclusions and findings

People with a long history of trouble sleeping we have found need 30mg dosage 1 hour before bed as pose to our regular 10mg nighttime Capsule.


This has proven to be successful time and time again ( This is not medical advise its just our findings)

so we wanted  to refine this product,we came up with this perfect combination to get even people with years of sleep issues off for a deep undisturbed nights sleep.


30mg/ml CBD/CBG MCT oil and a vegetable based capsule.

Fast acting fast absorbing stronger nighttime / Daytime multi usage dosage.


We are very aware that no one CBD dosage fits all but this adds to our armoury to suit your personal  needs and taylor your CBD course.

Total contents 30 capsules (00 size Vegetarian)

CBD 96%

CBG 4%


(See 3rd Party lab certifications here)


Average daily adult  recommended CBD for adults 30mg


Capsule Ingredients

Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, Purified water & chlorophyllin E141.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Double up



14 Day Trial (x14 Capsules), Month Supply (x30 Capsules)

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